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Antique Maps of Belgium

Old and historical maps of Belgium and Flanders . See also antique plans and old town maps.
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Belgium - Modierna Belgica five Germania Inferioris Tabula, Cluver, C.1694, 200 x 250, £65

Antique map of Belgium
Belgium - Province No.1, Tardieu / Marquet, C. 1805, 335 x 455, £45 Belgian province map
Belgium - Province No.2, Tardieu / Marquet, C. 1805, 335 x 455, £45 Belgian Province 2
Belgium - Modierneae Belgicae Five Germaniae From Cluverius's Mapp of Modern Belgium or Lower Germany, Cluverius circa 1720, 200 x 255, £45 18th century map of Belgium by Cluveris
Belgium and France - De L'Europe, Mallett C.1683, 170 x 115, £50.00 17th century map of Belgium
Belgium and the Netherlands - Belgii Veteris Abraham Ortelius - Cluver -Buro Circa 1694, 160 x 210, £55.00 Cluver - Antique map of Belgium
Belgium Netherlands and Luxembourg - Kingdom of the Low Countries by Thomas Kelly 1821, 240 x 190, SOLD Belgium Netherlands and Luxembourg
Flanders - Carte Generale Du Comte De Flandre, Vaugondy c.1748, 160 x 200 Set of 10 (wait for the download!) £400.00 Extensive 10 piece antique map of Flanders
Flanders - La Flandre Le Haynaut a Paris, le Rouge Circa 1750, 200 x 280 £95 Flander antiquarian map
Belgium (Netherlands) - A New and Accurate Map of the Netherlands from the Best Authorities. C.1800, 200 x 265, SOLD Netherland Antique Map
Belgium - Netherlands From the Best Authorities, April 1st 1806,
180 x 230, £35
Moores 19th century map of Holland
Belgium (Netherlands) - Divided into Departments Drawn From the Best Authorities. Guthries New System of Geography, J. Russell 1811, 380 x 480, £75 19th century map of the Netherlands
Belgium - The Spanish Netherlands, Moll - Morden, circa 1701, 180 x 185, SOLD The Spanish Netherlands
Flanders - Spanish Netherlands with ye Archbishoprick of Cambresis and Bishop of Lyege, Herman Moll circa 1700, 182 x 252mm, £65.00 Flanders by Moll
Belgium - Thienen Town Plan, Guiccijardini, C. 1652, 110 x 135, £65.00 Thienen - Old Town Map - Belgium

Old and historic antique maps of Belgium and Flanders - see also military old war maps and Netherlands


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