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Historical and old Maps of Europe

Old maps of ancient Europe from the 17th to 19th century .
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Black Sea, Pontvs Euxinvs, Orteluis c.1592, £400.00 Pontvs Euxinvs by Orteluis for sale
Europe, Caroli Magni from Orbis Antiqus, Jan Jansson circa 1650 - 1657, £495.00 Europe - The Empire of Charlemagne - Jansson
Europe - Bossuet, 1722, 130 x 165, £90 Historical Map of Europe
Europe - R. Phillips and Smith, 1805, 255 x 305, £35 Antique Map - Europe by Walker
Europe - Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge, J & C Walker C.1840,
325 x 390, £40
SDUK map of Europe as a continent
Europe - from the Best Authorities, R. Brookes 1809, 200 x 240, £35 Early 19th century map of Europe
Europe - A New and Accurate Map Harris's Voyages, Emanuel Bowen C. 1750, 370 x 450, £110 18th century map of Europe
Europe - Carte de L'Empire Romain, P.F. Tardieu C.1805, 440 x 315, £115 Map of Ancient Europe - Roman Empire
Europe - Europe Ancienne das Alle Europe, Mallet, 1686, 150 x 110, £55 17th century map of Europe by Mallet
Europe - Europe Moderne De L'Europe, Mallet C. 1683, 150 x100, £55 Continent of Europe
Europe - Imperium Romanum Pars Occidentalis Primario Hydrographo Navali, R. Bonne, 1787, 345 x 240mm, £95 Roman Empire - Rigobert Bonne
Europe - L'Europe Par Mr. Bonne Ing. Hydrographic de la Marine, Rigobert Bonne C.1780, 200 x 305mm, £75 Historic Map Europe by Bonne
Some Sold items for your reference  
Central Europe - Turquie en Europe, Nicholas Sanson, C.1721, 147 x165 SOLD Turkey and East Europe
Europe, Thomas Kitchin, c.1780, 333 x 365mm, SOLD Europe 18th century antique map
Europe - By F.P. Becker and Co., C. 1860, 210 x 255, SOLD Old map of Europe
Europe - George Cox - J and C Walker, Jan 1st 1855, 225 x 390, SOLD Europe - 19th century map
Europe - A New and Accurate Map Harris's Voyages, Emanuel Bowen C. 1750, 370 x 450, SOLD 18th century map of Europe
Europe - Carte De L'Europe, M. Brion / Vaugondy C. 1777, 180 x 225, SOLD French Map of 18th century Europe
Mediterranean Sea - Mer Mediterranne Du Globe Terreste, Mallet C.1683, 150 x 100, SOLD Europe Antique Map

Antique maps of the continent of Europe


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