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Historical and Old Maps of Germany

Antique maps of Germany including Bavaria.
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Germany - North East, Emanuel Bowen, Mr. Tyndal's Continuation of Mr. Rapkin's History , 345 x 420 , £95.00 North East Germany by Emanuel Bowen
Germany - Herman Moll Circa 1720,185 x 255, £85 Antique map of Germany - Moll
Germany - Thomas Kelly, A. Endley 1820, 240 x 190, £25 Old map of Germany
Germany - Allemange en Generale De L'Europe, Mallet 1683, 170 x 115, £65 Historic map of Germany
Germany - Bavaria De L'Europe, Mallet C.1683, 150 x 115, £55 Historic Map of Bavaria
Germany - Bavaria der Uereinigten Niderlande, Mallet C.1686, 150 x 115, £55 Old map of Bavaria by Mallet
Germany - Carte Allemange, P.F. Tardieu 1806, 950 x 1240 total for 3 sheets. £600 Germany large scale rare antique map - wait for the download!
Germany - Empire of Germany, Moore's New and Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels C.1800, 210 x 290, £65 Empire of Germany map
Germany - L' Allemange Par Postes, Le Rouge, 1742, 200 x 270, £95 German Empire Map
Germany - Partie Meridionale de L'Ancienne Germanic ou la Vraye Germanie De L'Europe, Mallet 1683, 170 x 115, £55 Ancient Germany historical map
Germany - Popularum Germanica, C.1660 -1680, 160 x 210, £100 each 17th century map of Germany
Germany - La Franconie le cours du main un partie de celuy du Rhim a Paris, Le Rouge 1748, 200 x 280, £55 18th century map of Germany
Germany - L'Empire D'Allemange. Engraving by Vaugondy 1748.
160 x 195mm, 6.25 x 7.75". £90
Vaugondy - 18th century map of German Empire
Germany - Carte Ancienne D'Allemange - Engraving by P.F. Tardieu dated Circa 1806. 320 x 425mm, 12.5 x 16.25". Ancient Germany
Germany - Carte Physique D'Allemange, P.F. Tardieu Circa 1806, 330 x 430, SOLD Physical map of Germany
Germany - Carte Politique De L'Empire D'Allemange Tel qu'il e depuis la reunion a la France P.F. Tardieu Circa 1806, 325 x 425, SOLD Political Map of Germany
Germany - France - Gallia - Germania Atlas Novus, John Senex C.1710, 245 x 180, SOLD Antique maps of France and Germany

Old and historical maps of Germany. Alte Landkarten von Deutschland


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