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Antique Old Maps of Kent

'Dear David, The map arrived this morning, thank you for sending it so quickly. It is lovely and will be a perfect 60th birthday present. Best wishes Melissa.' (Kent Moule Map). Read our customers comments here.

Old and historical maps of the county of Kent.

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A Large Draught of the Downes (Kent), nautical chart by Capt. William Nunn circa 1750, £295.00 Kent antique Chart by Nunn
Kent, Jan Jansson circa 1646, Cantivm vernacule Kent, 385 x 500mm, £455.00 Kent map by Jansson for sale
Kent, Thomas Kitchin, c. 1769, 205 x 170mm, SOLD Kent antique map
Kent, Badeslade and Toms, from Chorographia Britanniae, c. 1741, 153 x 153mm, £59.00 Kent Badeslade and toms map
Kent, Reuben Ramble, from Reuben Ramble's Travels Through the Counties of England, c. 1845, 160 x 195mm, £95.00 Kent by Rueben Ramble
Kent, Robert Morden, Camden's Britannia, c.1695, 350 x 630mm, £245.00 kent
Dover Castle Kent, S. Hooper, 1786, 195 x 350mm, £39.00 Dover Castle Plan
Kent - Antonio Zatta, dated 1779, engraved by G. Pitteri, 195 x 302mm, £125.00 Kent - 18th century antique map by Zatta
Kent, Moule's English Counties, Thomas Moule / I. Dower, 1830 - 50, 210 x 270, £97.00 Kent
Antique Road Map, Brighton - Steyning, Canterbury to Ramsgate, Carrington Bowles 1785, 180 x 90mm, £35.95 London to Ramsgate Old Road Map
Some sold items for your reference
Kent, Robert Morden, Camden's Britannia, c.1722, 350 x 630mm, SOLD kent county
Kent, John Seller and Francis Grose, 124 x 248 plus text, c. 1773, SOLD Old map of Kent by Seller Grose
Kent, Emanuel Bowen, The Large English Atlas, c. 1780, 525 x 708mm, SOLD Kent by Emanuel Bowen
Canterbury Town Map, Roper / Young, dated 1808, 185 x 235mm, SOLD Canterbury antique town plan map
Kent, Seller Grose c.1781, 125 x 145mm, SOLD Antique map of Kent by Seller Gross
Kent, Pigot c. 1829, 225 x 355mm, SOLD Kent by Pigot dated 1829
Kent, Robert Morden, c.1753, 350 x 630mm, SOLD Kent by Robert Morden
Kent - Rowe and Teesdale, 1832, 340 x 410mm, SOLD Kent - Rowe

Kent old maps from the 19th century, genuine antiques.


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