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Antique Military Maps

Old military war maps of Europe, USA and India including battle field troop deplyments and movements, fortifications and fortress plans.
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Oxford when Defended by Charles I, after Antony Woods by J. Skelton, June 1st 1817, 235 x 300mm, £75.00 Oxford
Ostend, Belgium, Plan of the Investiture of Ostend Surrenderd, 6 July 1706, Tindal/Rapin, c.1745, 385 x 480mm, £95.00 Ostend - Plan of the Invetiture surrendered 1706
Fort Knocke, Flanders, Belgium, Isaac van der Kloot and Jean Dumont, c. 1729, 315 x 432mm, £85.00 Fort Knocke circa 1710
Belgium - Carte de Camps D'Ecluse et De L' Abbaye D' Heylesem de Beaurain, 310 x 430, £75.00 Heylesem War Map
Germany - Itzehoae, Schleswig, Holsetin, F. de La Pointe 1697, 280 x 340, £95.00 itzehoae-battle-plan
Germany - Plan der Konigs: Preusf: Belangerungu: Attaque Vo: Schweidnitz - April 1758. (Saxony), 425 x 335, £135 Scheweidnitz battle plan
Germany - Prussia - Russia - Königsberg - Kaliningrad - Regiomontis Borufsine Urbis - F. de la Pointe 1697, 250 x 315, £85.00 german-town-plan Germany
Luxembourg - Combat de Steenkerke August 1692 between The Armies of Britain and the Duke of Bavaria. 185 x 260, £80.00 Antique Military Map of Steenkerke Luxembourg
Netherlands - A Map Showing the Relative Situation of the Principal Fortresses in the Netherlands and the French Frontier. John Luffman, 235 x 345, £85.00 Netherland Forts Plans 19th century
Netherlands - Namur and Charleroy (verso), 160 x 140mm, £40.00 Antique Plans of Namur and Charleroy
Prague - Siege of (French) , Perizot, Expeditions de Guerre en Boheme , 420 x 500 , 1743 , £150.00 Seige of Prague - Battle Plan 1743
USA - A New and Accurate Map of the Present War in North America, Universal Magazine, R. W. Seale, 280 x 370, £195.00 War of Independence - USA Antique map
Some sold items for your reference  
Belgium - Combat de Leuze, September 1691, 185 x 280, SOLD Old war map of Leuze
Germany - A Plan of the The Battle at Thonhausen, Near Minden. (including text) Grand Magazine, 190 x100, SOLD Old Military map of Thornhausen Minden
India - Calcutta, Battle Plan for the Intelligence of the Military Operations at Calcutta When Attacked and Taken By Seerajah Dowlett, 260 x 410, SOLD Siege map of Calcutta India

Old war and military maps from the 18th and 19th century.


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